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Previous Work On SMS

SMS Projects : Projects

With intimate knowledge of the philosophies, policies, programs, and  procedures underpinning SMS, we are able to provide efficient and scalable SMS programs.  This will include a safety database developed by my colleague, Matt Humlie, that uses the Microsoft ACCESS platform.  This provides an easily scalable and user-adjustable database.

  • Developed a SMS for a low-cost major airline, taking four years, that was approved by the FAA - December, 2017

  • Developed a SMS and provided a scalable safety database in one week to a two person part 107 (drone) operation - January 2021

We have experience with all aspects of safety management systems (SMS). We have experience leading the development, implementation and FAA approval of an SMS for a large low-cost airline. This effort took approximately four years and a heavy lift in adjusting the airline’s safety culture. We also have experience developing and producing an SMS program for a single manager drone operation. This effort was accomplished in just one week. Our success in these SMS projects shows we are adept at adapting the SMS for your operation by exercising its scalability.

Under the SMS umbrella, we are adept at the following programs:

  • Advanced Qualification Program (AQP)

  • Air Transportation Oversight System (ATOS)

  • Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP)

  • Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST)

  • Change Management

  • Data Analysis Systems

  • Flight Onboard Quality Assurance (FOQA)

  • Internal Evaluation System (IEP)

  • InfoShare

  • Just Culture

  • Risk Management Oversight Systems

  • System Safety

Regardless the FAR part under which you operate, we can build a SMS for you.

One of the innovative tools we provided on our small SMS project was our Humlie-designed  SMS database. To enable the scalability of the SMS we provide, we also provide the appropriately sized database. For the SMS we provided to the one-manager drone operator, Matt Humlie (my partner on SMS projects) designed and implemented the SMS database using Microsoft Access.  This database will allow the customer the ability to access code to make changes as they need. It is simple in design but can also grow in complexity and sophistication as needed. Using Microsoft Access enables an affordable SMS for small operators. For more complex operations, we will work with customers to acquire the appropriately sophisticated database on the market.

If you are having difficulties with the FAA, we can help. We understand the nuances of regulation interpretation and have the contacts at high levels of the FAA to get your issues addressed.

If your need involves aviation, be it commercial, public use, recreational or military, we can help you. We are a veteran owned and operated airline safety organization.

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